Mexico quake: Girl who captivated the nation never existed


At least 245 people have been killed and over 2000 injured following the quake on Tuesday.

The canine, who is now popular on social media, was also deployed two weeks before another quake hit the state of Oaxaca in Mexico.

Puente said that in addition to the 155 killed in Mexico City, 73 died in Morelos, 45 were killed in Puebla, 13 people died in Mexico State, 6 died in Guerrero and one death was reported in Oaxaca.

In her career, Frida has located 12 people alive beneath the rubble plus more than 40 others dead, more than any other Mexican rescue dog, the Navy said. She said she was frustrated not be able to personally go help remove the rubble.

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The 7.1-magnitude quake has killed almost 300 people, and rescuers were still digging through some of the 52 buildings that collapsed in Mexico City alone. Jose Gutierrez, a civil engineer who has relatives believed trapped in the wreckage of the building, gathered other families of the missing amid an ad-hoc campsite of tents, tarps and plastic chairs to let them know what was going on. Wrapped in a blanket, Cristal Estrada paced back and forth near the tent where she spent the night on the street and anxious about her missing brother Martin, a 31-year-old accountant married with two children including a 4-month-old baby girl.

"They act afraid", he said.

"The information that prevails up to this moment does not guarantee if it is an elderly person or a girl", he said, adding: "However, the Mexican people must know that as long as there is the slightest possibility that there is someone alive, we will continue to search with the same determination". Rescue dogs assist rescuers by barking when they detect a survivor.

Frida, a rescue dog, has assisted in several rescue operations across Mexico and the US. The mayor said there were 38 collapsed buildings in the capital, down from the 44 he had announced previously. In other cases, the salvation seemed nearly miraculous.

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By Thursday afternoon at the school in Mexico City, officials said that all children had been accounted for, but that one person might still be alive and trapped inside. Then an entire apartment building across the street crumbled and a big tank of heating gas on its slid off, but didn't explode.

Known for her custom-made doggy goggles and boots, the 7-year-old yellow Labrador has become a social media star, appearing on one man's tattoo and the unofficial image of a 500-peso note.

"I was completely sure that there was a girl under the rubble". Televisa reported she had spoken of other children near her. Rescuers had halted their tunnelling work at times to listen for sounds of her and other potential survivors. Eleven children were rescued alive after the quake, while 19 children and six adults were killed, according to news agency AP.

Even as President Enrique Pena Nieto declared three days of mourning, soldiers, police, firefighters and everyday citizens kept digging through rubble, at times with their hands gaining an inch at a time, at times with cranes and backhoes to lift heavy slabs of concrete. Later Thursday, Sarmiento was less categorical, saying if anyone was still trapped it could be an or a child.

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