Infants in back seat as moms overdose and pass out, cops say


Two Boynton Beach, Florida mothers have been taken into custody after overdosing on heroin in a vehicle while their infant children sat in the backseat, Thursday.

It was shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday and, according to an arrest report, O'Connor, 27, of Coral Springs just bought $60 worth of heroin while "hanging out" with June Schweinhart, 28, of Lake Worth.

Police said O'Connor started shaking and became unresponsive after they left the parking garage where they snorted the drugs and remembered Scheweinhart yelling, "Oh my God".

They told local authorities that they met in a drug treatment program, bonding during their pregnancies - their babies were born four days apart - and that O'Connor had gotten the drugs from her old dealer.

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Things began getting get out of hand when one of the mothers began overdosing, with the other calling 911 for help.

"This is an incredibly tragic situation and ultimately, the ones most affected by this are those innocent, lovely babies", Boynton Beach police said in a Facebook post announcing the arrests.

Family members of the two women took custody of the newborns.

A woman who had been nearby saw the commotion and spoke with police until they arrived. Both women were transported to Bethesda Hospital East to be treated for overdoses, while officers took care of the babies.

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The pair chose to buy $60 worth of heroin while two small infants, ages 1 month and 2 months, were in the vehicle, police said. O'Connor and Schweinhart were charged with child neglect and taken to jail after being released from the hospital.

"Officers brought the babies back to the police department, where they were snuggled for several hours", the police wrote.

O'Connor has since been released on a $4,500 bond, while Schweinhart is still in custody on a $3,000 bond.

O'Connor had let Schweinhart drive her auto because she believed the mother would be able to drive better under the influence, she said to police.

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A judge ruled Friday that O'Connor can be with her child only when the baby's grandmother is present.