Syria fighting worst since Aleppo, civilian casualties mount: ICRC


According to Konashenkov, the Russian air group and naval forces continue to support a Syrian government offensive aimed to defeat the terrorist group Daesh in the Euphrates River valley.

The military said the regime forces "neutralised mobile IS groups on the road from Palmyra to Deir-Ezzor" and freed the captured villages.

Russian Federation is throwing military weight behind the Syrian army campaign's to regain the province bordering Iraq, racing with U.S- backed forces to grab territory from Islamic State. The group announced its formation on January 23, 2012 as the union of Syrian jihadists, whose ultimate goal is to oust President Bashar Al Assad's regime and establish an Islamic emirate under sharia, or Islamic, law.

We review the key developments in Syria, including pro-government advances toward the ISIS stronghold of al-Mayadeen, civilians killed in shelling and airstrikes on Deir Ezzor and Saudi Arabia calling for a peace settlement.

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The director of the observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman said that those killed, who were travelling on makeshift rafts, included three children.

Over the past month Moscow has repeatedly accused the U.S. of hindering the offensive in the east of the country against IS jihadists mounted by Syrian regime forces with the support of Russian airstrikes and special forces on the ground.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that a series of attacks launched by IS militants on Syrian government forces came from an area around Al-Tanf near the border with Jordan where a USA mission is located.

The meeting is seen as a deepening of ties between the two countries, which have supported opposite sides in Syria for the majority of the six-year-long war.

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The coalition says it takes all measures possible to avoid civilian casualties and that it investigates each credible allegation.

At least 29 civilians have been killed in shelling and airstrikes on two different parts of Deir Ezzor since Thursday.

Russian Federation has not acknowledged any civilian deaths from its strikes since it intervened in Syria in 2015, and dismisses the Observatory's reporting as biased.

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