Philippines: Extradite doctor linked to NYC attack


In this light, Aguirre admitted it was possible that Salic's defense lawyers could oppose their client's extradition to the USA because he has pending criminal charges before the Philippine courts.

Salic is also linked to local terror group Maute, who underwent preliminary investigation in DOJ for kidnapping and murder charges last August for his alleged involvement in kidnappings and beheadings blamed on Islamic State (IS) followers.

Salic was also reported to have wired US$426.30 to a man named Jasanizam Rosni in Johor on June 24, 2016, four days before the Movida grenade blast that left eight injured.

U.S. prosecutors have said that the attacks were planned for Ramadan past year.

According to a report based on court filings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that Salic had provided the funding for the Movida pub bombing, the first IS-linked attack in Malaysia, where eight people were injured.

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Dr Salic has been under police arrest in the Philippines since April where he is expected to face a series of terror charges, including the abduction of six Filipino sawmill workers and the beheading of two of them previous year.

Manila has embarked on Sunday the extradition procedure in the United States of a Filipino suspected of having played a role in a project of attacks by jihadists against targets in NY city.

A complaint signed by the agent quoted messages sent by Salic to others involved in the plot in which he described terror laws in the Philippines as "not strict" in comparison to countries such as Australia and the UK. But no worry here in Philippines. "Only in west", he added, according to the statement.

"The suspect (Salic) who said that the Philippines is a breeding ground for terrorists was arrested early this year".

TOP officials of the police and military on Monday said terror groups are drawn to the Philippines as the country enjoys too much "democratic space".

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Bukit Aman is in the process of verifying USA federal investigation papers which indicate that 37-year-old Filipino orthopaedic surgeon Dr Russell Salic, linked to funds for Malaysia's first terror strike with Islamic State elements, has been found living in the Philippines.

He said Bukit Aman will do whatever it takes to verify the information and declined to commit when asked if Malaysia would seek to extradite Dr Salic.

Various Muslim militant groups have publicly pledged allegiance to ISIL in the past.

Armed militants flying the black IS flag have been besieging the southern city of Marawi since May, leaving at least 955 people dead.

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