A rapist left his 12-year-old victim pregnant and the judge…


According to the Detroit News, the victim became pregnant after Mirasolo kidnapped and assaulted her 9 years ago.

Kiessling has called for a "full investigation" into the Sanilac County Prosecutor's Office over Mirasolo being recently granted custody of the child - nine years after he pleaded guilty to attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct in the 2008 assault.

Kiessling is seeking protection for her client under the federal Rape Survivor Child Custody Act.

Mirasolo tossed the girls' cellphones and drove them to a vacant house where he kept them captive for two days, raped the 12-year-old girl and threatened to kill her.

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The sex offender was reportedly facing 25 years to life for the rape, but the Sanilac County Prosecutor's Office provided Mirasolo with a plea deal that reduced the sentence to only one year in prison. She thinks the state was "trying to get some of the money back" when Ross assigned custody on her rapist's behalf, as it will affect the amount of money she receives. "They thought they were going to McDonald's or somewhere. This prosecutor is really not a good person, I'll tell you that", she said.

'Nothing has been right about this since it was originally investigated. He has never been given the right offenses and should still be behind the bars, but the system targets my client, who was a child when all this happened, "he added". Mirasolo served only six months of his sentence before being released.

A hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 25 and the case is expected to be the first of its kind in MI. According to a MI law passed in 2016 under the Child Custody Act, "if a child custody dispute involves a child who is conceived as the result of acts for which 1 of the child's biological parents is convicted of criminal sexual conduct ... or is found by clear and convincing evidence in a fact-finding hearing to have committed acts of nonconsensual sexual penetration, the court shall not award custody to that biological parent".

'An assistant prosecutor on this, Eric Scott, told me she granted her consent, which is a lie, ' Kiessling said.

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The rape victim's family suggested she abort the child or give it up for adoption, but she did neither and said 'she didn't want the baby to be a victim, too'. "She dropped out of school, went to live with relatives out of state and worked jobs to try and support herself". "[Officials] never explained anything to me".

"This is insane", Kiessling told Detroit News.

She was also allegedly told she had to "come home immediately" or risk being found in contempt of court. "And that is what this hearing will decide later this month".

Christopher Mirasolo was charged with first degree rape in 2008.

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Kiessling said Mirasolo later attacked another teenage girl and served four more years.