Microsoft will no longer focus on Windows Mobile


Microsoft Corporation's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Windows Phones are basically dead. Microsoft appears to be finally winding up Windows 10 Mobile, the most recent version of its mobile operating system which failed to win over manufacturers or consumers. Joe writes, "Of course we'll continue to support the platform.bug fixes, security updates, etc". According to him, Microsoft dished out some cash to get more developers, and it even wrote apps for them.

Windows Mobile users have endlessly complained about the shortage of apps on the phone which urges them to look for other better options.

This comes after months of speculations and guesswork from internet users as Microsoft abstained from talking about Windows Phone at MWC, Build or the Surface device launch event this year. Any updates you do receive will general bug fixes and security updates. The OS is in maintenance mode, with no focus on new features or hardware, and Microsoft itself recommending competing platforms.

Texas Tech: Campus officer shot, killed
Lubbock PD tweeted that the suspected gunman, who is a student, was caught Monday night following a massive manhunt. Texas Tech University in Lubbock has ordered a lockdown after a shooting was reported at the campus police station.

Microsoft tried to make Windows Phone happen. The mobile OS we don't often hear much about though is Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile. Now the Windows mobile boss man himself, Joe Belfiore, has revealed that he has changed to using an Android phone.

He even admitted that there's no way to solve Microsoft's app problems.

Many #Windows Phone users regret buying Windows smartphones due to the lack of available apps.

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It was Ghana who drew the first blood in the 39th minute with Ibrahim connecting a fine cross from the left by captain Eric Ayiah. There were a few scrambles at the Ghana goal-mouth towards the end of the match but Colombia could not find the eqauliser.

Belfiore's tweet is the last nail in the coffin on the now discontinued windows mobile operating system. This applies to the Windows Phone as well. They don't seem to touch the level of Android which accounts for 64% sales and iOS which is at 34%.

Microsoft's latest effort to keep Windows relevant in mobile is to bring the Windows 10 PC browser, Edge, to Android and iOS.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has argued that the company isn't out of the mobile hardware business, insisting that its HoloLens augmented reality headset is a mobile device. The absence of Windows 10 Mobile from this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona surprised to no one.

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