Millions of British workers shy away from discussing mental health with colleagues


The Michaelmas 2017 team have decided that the values expressed in the charter are shared amongst the editorial team, and have made a commitment to the sensitive reporting of mental health issues.

However, she says the ministry is concerned that people are being discriminated against by some employers when they disclose they have mental-health problems. "We hope the work we are doing will go a long way in encouraging and promoting positive mental health".

"So we are delighted to be offering people the chance to get funding to put on their own activity or event". Anxiety and stress, for students, are the biggest contributors to mental health problems, with six in ten reporting that they feel levels of stress that interfere with their day-to-day lives.

Famous Guildford landmarks will light up purple tonight, as the town marks World Mental Health Day (Tuesday, October 10).

It is common for people to hide their mental health problems out of fear of what people's reaction might be. There is one glaring difference though, you will limp with a pulled leg muscle, it is easier to hide a mental health concern.

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"Mental Health Awareness Day is an innovative way of raising the issues that surround attitudes to mental health".

Royals Wills, Kate and Harry will also be helping to raise awareness today.

"The importance of raising awareness and encouraging open, honest conversations about mental health in the workplace can not be understated", said Legal & General chief executive Nigel Wilson, who is holding a mental health forum next week.

Lee also recommended that every organisation took into account the risks of stress and psychosocial aspects pertaining to mental social health in the workplace as part of the health and safety strategy to reduce accidents and injuries at work.

"You cannot build the economy without creating wealth, and you cannot create wealth without health, and you cannot have health without mental health, so mental health means total health".

Proceeds of Hellblade going to mental health charity today
The game was designed with mental illness in mind (seriously, no pun intended), therefore sought to reimagine what it must be like.

To be healthy we require both physical and mental wellbeing and just like we will experience physical ailments from time to time it is imperative to understand that we will similarly experience mental health ailments as well.

Every week, more than 100 people take their own lives in the United Kingdom (source: Mind).

Employers should encourage any employee who requires assistance to speak with a professional counsellor or GP to help them work through their anxiety, stress, or depression. However, it can also bring pressures that can negatively impact a person's wellbeing and mental health. Those surveyed said they felt more comfortable talking about other issues, such as race, age, physical health and religious belief. "Too often line managers simply don't know what to do or what support is available for someone with a mental health problem - that's why more support is needed".

Investing in the mental wellbeing of your staff can help retain excellent employees while creating a more supportive, open culture.

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