Snapchat will now let you book an Uber and read TripAdvisor reviews


The Context Cards update will allow users to see information about the Snap they are viewing, powered by content from TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin and goop.

The new Context Cards work similar to how Snapchat's marketing tools work for existing paid campaigns now, which can do things like offer up links to stories for publishers when users swipe up in their stories.

Some locations also have stories integrated into their Context Cards to make it easy to dive in and watch more Snaps from the places that interest you.

Not all of the services and information will display at once for every location, but Snap says the idea is to create a personalized feed that's relevant to what each user might need at the time.

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Snapchat has teamed up with several online services to introduce a feature called Context Cards. The company also noted that it will expand context cards to include more third-party services in the future.

Additional context cards may include: reviews from critics and customers; directions to the venue; opening hours; contact numbers; rides from ride-sharing services; reservations at restaurants; websites for more information; more Snaps from around that area.

Users will be able to access basic information about the Snap such as the name of the place where it was taken, what kind of venue it is, and a rating from a partner like TripAdvisor.

The feature will first roll out to Snapchat users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

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For Snap, the feature shows just how much the company has moved to open up its platform, once notoriously closed off, in recent months.

The app is used by 170 million people eveyrday.

One trillion Snaps are taken in a year, 3 billion a day on average.

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