Watch Jon Stewart Fail to Soothe Trump's Ego on 'Colbert'


When it was Stewart's turn to say something positive, he ran into a bit of trouble coming up with exactly what to say. "And he ended that tweet by saying, 'should we get equal time?' I know that one: no". "Given the choice between having hot lava poured into my pee hole and Donald Trump being president..."

However, he completely lost it when Colbert brought up Trump's freaky (read: disturbing) "calm before the storm" quote. However, the former Daily Show host inevitably struggled with to say anything more laudatory than, "Donald Trump is not a cannibal". You'll find out? Oh, will Trump give humanity the rose? "I choose the latter". When Colbert mentioned the tweet in which the president called for "equal time" on talk shows, Stewart - after being told by Colbert to "be positive" - took a few moments to think.

And it was back over to Stewart, who looked a little more prepared for his next platitude.

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Stewart also recorded a quick web-exclusive video, in which he was inducted into The Late Show's "Trump Attacked Me on Twitter" Hall of Fame.

Colbert mocked Trump again and then Stewart chimed in. "I'm in the groove now", he began.

STEWART: Donald Trump is great to women.

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"If you're not familiar, Harvey Weinstein was responsible for The English Patient, Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, and other movies your mom liked in the 90's", he informed his viewers in flyover country.

In the end, it was hard for Stewart to show anything but disdain for the president after Colbert showed footage of Trump ominously calling a photo opportunity with military leaders the "calm before the storm".

"What the f*ck is wrong with this guy?" This is all the storm. He then added, "What kind of sociopath would use that terminology when people are still cleaning up from literal storms?"

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