YouTube Says It Has Banned Bump Stock Videos, But Many Remain Online


Stephen Paddock, the mass murderer, affixed bump stocks-a legal attachment that allows semiautomatic rifles to fire more rapidly-to a dozen of his guns.

In the wake of the brutal killings by shooting in Las Vegas, YouTube has chose to ban videos presenting modifying tools for guns to fire more rapidly. He killed at least 58 people and injured over 500, which is considered to be one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern USA history.

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While automatic weapons are banned in the U.S., and bump stocks can be used to make legal semi-automatic weapons operate more like an automatic model, bump stocks are themselves not illegal. A statement that the company has been sending to reporters reads, "We have long had a policy against harmful and unsafe content".

After the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, YouTube has made a decision to expand a policy that prohibits harmful or unsafe content to include videos demonstrating bump stocks. And while YouTube's recent ban on certain gun modification videos signals a small step toward better policing its website for risky content, the site is still a hotbed for gun tutorials. The update is now reflected in the company's community guidelines.

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YouTube's policy on harmful or unsafe content censors "dangerous or illegal activities include instructional bomb making, choking games, hard drug use, or other acts where serious injury may result". Yet hours after the announcement, the site still hosted numerous videos showing how to install and use the devices. That includes videos that are trying to sell or promote firearms, as well as conversion devices and a device called a bump stock.

Fully legal under current United States law, bump stocks are an low-priced way to allow a semi-automatic rifle to operate similarly to a fully automatic weapon that would be hard for regular citizens to obtain.

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