Be on the lookout for head lice lurking in Halloween costumes


Alvina Kweh experts there will be some germs on Halloween costumes, and teaches her kids how to prevent spreading them. It's really not a health hazard.

For more information on head lice - including what they look like, signs and symptoms, and treatment visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Halloween stores have an entire wall of masks, wigs and hats to try on.

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"Most moms, dads and grandparents are just trying to get that right costume", Sexton said.

Head lice infestations can last for up to a week, so if you become aware of a head lice outbreak in your neighborhood, or at your child's school, make sure to check your child for lice for seven days.

If you're anxious, doctors recommend putting a wig in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing it and put dryer-friendly items in the dryer for 45 minutes on high.

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Another suggestion is to toss the costume in your dryer for 45 minutes, the heat will also kill lice. If that's too much work, just wear a swim cap to separate your scalp from the bugs and hope that they can't chew through.

If you act fast or guard against it well, your trick or treater can have fun and not bring home more than just candy.

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