Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:RPRX)'s RSI Reaches Overbought Range


Employing the use of the moving average for technical equity analysis is still highly popular among traders and investors. The stock's short float is around of 2.23% and short ratio is 1.02. Considering that the stock daily volume of 16.41 million shares, this represents a pretty noteworthy trading in volume size. A volume "spike" where volume is way more than normal-5 to 10 times (or more) average volume (for that time or period) for example-could indicate the end of a trend. The MESA Adaptive Moving Average, which was developed by John Ehlers, is a technical trend-following indicator which adapts to price movement "based on the rate change of phase as measured by the Hilbert Transform Discriminator".

Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:RPRX) has seen its SMA20 which is now 129.20%. The stock exchanged hands 6.15 Million shares versus average trading capacity of 1.01 Million shares, yielding a market cap of $25.23 Million.

News stories about Repros Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RPRX) have trended negative recently, AlphaOne Sentiment Analysis reports. (RPRX) has been moved; whether it performed well or not. The firm had revenue of $0.01 million during the quarter. The company moved in the past week with shift of 131.48%.

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With their stock price now trading around $987.20, the firm has proven a solid track record of growth over the past few years. State Treasurer State Of Michigan invested in 1.25% or 171,202 shares. 112 funds opened positions while 587 raised stakes.

In terms of Repros Therapeutics Inc. Analysts, on average, seem bullish as they suggest RPRX is worth $4.75 more, giving a target price of $5.5 a share.

Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)'s distance from 200 day simple moving average is -11.04 percent, its distance from 50 day simple moving average is 112.8 percent, while its distance from 20 day simple moving average is 98.95 percent.

Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) now the company's industry has 12.51 P/E and the sector P/E is 16.41. RSI or Relative Strength Index is a momentum indicator that technical investors use along with other factors in trying to determine the short term direction of a stock.

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Investors may use various technical indicators to help spot trends and buy/sell signals. Traders may also use the reading to identify overbought/oversold conditions. The stock climbed 35.33 percent over the past quarter, while declined -31.82 percent over the past six months.

ROE (Return on equity) was recorded as 12.30% and F's has Return on assets (ROA) of 1.60% while Return on Investment (ROI) was recorded as 1.10%. Earnings surprises can have a huge impact on a company's stock price.

Currently Repros Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RPRX)'s shares owned by insiders are 0.2%, whereas shares owned by institutional owners are 20.1%. In looking at volatility levels, the shares saw weekly volatility of 0.36% and 0.46% over the past month.

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Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index. (RPRX) stock showed the move of 41.51% with the closing price of $0.75. A stock price loss will yield a negatively weighted alpha. When investing in a volatile security, the risk of success is increased just as much as the risk of failure. The trading saw a strength at $2.15, the 52-week high. Hot Stocks Point (HSP) makes sure to keep the information up to date and correct, but we didn't suggest or recommend buying or selling of any financial instrument unless that information is subsequently confirmed on your own.