Tourists Detained in South Korea After Plastic Surgery


There are many downsides to plastic surgery, including looking so unrecognizable that airport security questions the legitimacy of your passport photo and bars you from your return flight.

The picture was said to be taken at one unnamed airport in South Korea during China's National Day holiday, according to Apple Daily.

The women are seen sitting at the airport, passports in hand, with their faces heavily bandaged and swollen from the surgery.

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The photo was first posted on Weibo by Chinese TV presenter Jian Hua Hua on Sunday (Oct 8).

They were said to look nothing like their passport photos and had been stopped from flying home, according to reports on Chinese-language media.

South Korea is notorious for its enthusiastic, and often controversial, approach to plastic surgery - particularly major facial surgery, which aims to make clients look more "Western".

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It's not clear if the women have yet been able to confirm their identity, but this incident likely won't do much to help South Korea's falling tourism numbers among Chinese travelers. It is not known what proportion is for plastic surgery.

South Korea is also a popular destination for travelers seeking to alter their appearance. This isn't the first Golden Week travel problem, either; previous year, 100 Chinese tourists spent up to five days of their holiday stranded in an airport, having been denied entry to South Korea's Jeju Island.

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