Vegas Shooter Lived Like a Vampire: 'I Don't Do Sun'


Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock reportedly gambled all night and slept during the day.

Details of the 97-page testimony, obtained by CNN, come as police in Las Vegas, along with federal agents, are still struggling to identify a motive behind the attack, carried out on up to 22,000 people who were attending a country music festival taking place off the Las Vegas Strip. The deposition was from four years ago.

"I'll gamble all night", he said.

Paddock was deposed on October 29, 2013, as part of a civil lawsuit against the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which he sued after slipping and falling two years earlier while strolling from a hotel shop to a high-stakes area in the casino.

The revelations came as Paddock's brother Bruce told NBC News he had been questioned twice by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including a four-and-a-half hour grilling by a profiler. It's not clear when he last took the drug.

"I would open all sorts of things", Paddock told a lawyer in his deposition.

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Paddock said he usually wandered around Las Vegas casinos wearing sweatpants and flip-flops, and never went to the pool because, as he said, "I do not do sun". "It means I pay a fee yearly ..."

"He tried to make people happy; he tried to make people care and I don't know what happened to him", the Dallas woman said as she fought to hold back her tears. But there was no discussion on guns after that. At one point he was on the move "maybe upwards of three weeks out of a month". Due to his high-roller status, casinos often gave him free suites during his stays (although he paid for his Mandalay Bay resort room - where he carried out the massacre - with his girlfriend's credit card).

Paddock said that everything in the room at the Cosmopolitan was "comped", or free.

"And if you aren't comped at casinos, you wouldn't understand", he added.

"I know some of the video poker players that play big".

"You know, I was even trying to look into his eyes to see if I saw something that wasn't normal, you know".

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"I can't believe that the person that I knew would even consider hurting somebody", she said. "Nobody played as much and as long as I did".

He said at the height of his play in 2006, he "averaged 14 hours a day, 365 days a year".

"I have cried for those people so many times, I nearly feel like I'm out of tears sometimes", Crawford said.

He said that his habit was to gamble all night and sleep all day, and he rarely dressed in anything more elaborate than a pair of black Nike sweat trousers and black flip-flops. He admitted, "I do not do sun".

Paddock also went into detail about his gambling habits, painting the picture of a prolific gambler who sometimes wagered $1 million a night.

"A million dollars", Paddock replied to a lawyer.

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"If Islamic State did indeed cultivate Paddock, as it has claimed was the case, the group surely has some evidence of its engagements with him".