Vikas Gupta to have an emotional breakdown in Bigg Boss 11


Although the format of this Salman Khan show allows the participants to fight endlessly, the contestants in the new season are taking this literally.

Hina and Arshi Khan felt that Vikas was insecure about their budding friendship. They keep on blabbering things to each other in the house and each one of them has supporters. Here's how the episode unfolds... Both were seen holding hands and Puneesh kissing her hands repeatedly. They get intimate in the dark. The contestants say that queens have gone insane after they got this role to play. Shilpa asks Benafsha Soonawalla to call Bandgi and Akash to do the dishes.

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Hiten tries to convince Sapna to give Arshi a leg massage since it is a part of the task. He started crying inside the bathroom.

# Sapna Choudhary breaks down after completing her task with a heavy heart! Sapna, in order to prove Bandgi, first refused to vote her and later in the last few seconds ran and cast her vote in favour of Bandgi. He was then called into the confession room and where he apologised for his mistake.

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Bigg Boss announces the next luxury budget task. Vikas Gupta apologises and says he won't do this again. Mehjabi Siddiqui will also be seen fighting with Arshi Khan and support Sapna in the cause. Rest of the contestants will be either supporting Arshi or Shilpa in the task. The queen to win his attention will also be the captain of the house. Arshi is declared as bad queen and Shilpa as the good queen by bigg boss. Vikas also expressed his disappointment to Hina over her allegations about Gupta's sexuality. The producer defended himself by saying that it's his choice whether to share the information or not.

Another report by the Times of India suggests that Gupta had to the extreme step after having an altercation with his friend Hina Khan inside the house. Hiten and Luv try to console everyone. Shilpa Shinde asks him to cry more and says that this is how he is supposed to feel. Thus, Sshivani, Hina, Sapna and Vikas gets nominated for this week.

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In the past contestants have been involved in ugly fights like these but none of them could bury the hatchet so easily and move on in a matter of a day like Hina. Akash introduces Lucy to other contestants informally and flirts with Lucy too.