Jessica Chastain Defends Matt Damon Amid The Weinstein Scandal


While Hemsworth sat on stage with Kimmel, Ruffalo and Waititi were backstage in the green room.

Kimmel apologised for "the interruption", only to have Damon sneak in to position himself next to the director.

The bit, of course, is just the latest entry in the epic mock feud between Damon and Kimmel, which has lasted more a decade on the show. "He has his own area that he's supposed to stay in". "They have snacks in here", Damon tells the camera. This is what movie actors look like right here.

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The Daily Caller previously reported on Kimmel past skits, including one where he and co-host Adam Carolla encourags women to jump on a trampoline for the pleasure of a male crowd.

The subject turned to Damon's tendency to show up to places uninvited, and Hemsworth joked that he's friends with Damon only out of pity. Kimmel asked, to which Hemsworth responded, "I feel sorry for him. I saw a friend in need so I chose to extend a handshake". Hemsworth explained that Damon also brings along his kids, which he doesn't mind because he "prefers them better".

The accusations that have now come out against Weinstein are "the kind of sexual predation that keeps me up at night", Damon said, adding that he had never seen inappropriate behaviour during time spent making films with Weinstein.

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"Put up the emergency screen saver", Kimmel instructed his crew, as an image of Damon and Michael Douglas in Behind the Candelabra appeared.

Kimmel and Damon have been "feuding" since 2006.

Watch the surprise appearance below.

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