Oculus Rift bundle gets permanent price cut


Speakers are built directly in the headset, giving users a wire-free VR experience. Made from new fabric, the standalone VR headset is very light. While it looks like the company has used an LCD panels with a faster refresh rate, something that is of utmost importance when it comes to VR experience, we're not sure if it matches or surpasses the 90Hz displays used on the Rift.

Preorders for the new headset have not yet opened, but you can register your interest on the official Oculus Rift website by following the link below.

Facebook has shaken up Oculus management team since then in a series of moves that included the departure of founder Palmer Luckey earlier this year.

The company is developing software known as Facebook Spaces that allows friends to meet in virtual rooms, and it said it will soon integrate live video. However, there's also a 3.5mm headphone jack for private listening, or for when you're getting on your housemates' nerves. To this end, the company also announced Oculus for Business bundle. Additionally, all of Gear VR's titles would be compatible with the new Oculus Go.

Bullet train wheel parts made by Japan's Kobe Steel failed quality tests
The investigation concerns whether Kobe Steel and certain of its officers and/or directors have violated federal securities laws. Kobe Steel shares closed at the limit low after being untraded for the whole session, diving 22 percent to 1068 yen.

There's no requirement in society for a portable VR device, and so matter the price or specifications, until there is a true need for either consumers or business to embrace VR, it likely won't go too much further. There is, however, no release date for the Santa Cruz motion controllers.

Originally, the Oculus Rift was priced at $599, which didn't include the touch motion controller making it the best deal ever, if you are planning to buy the fully fledged VR headset. The company also showcased wireless controllers, which are simply named Project Santa Cruz Controllers as of now.

Dash rolls up all of Rift's existing menus and UI into a central hub that's instantly accessible from anywhere in VR-all built natively for Touch.

Thor will be the latest in the cast of playable characters for Marvel Powers United VR, launching for Rift in 2018.

Smoking ban planned at 20 popular beaches
The ban will take effect on selected beaches during the pilot phase, including three in the popular beach city of Krabi. Based on a sampling survey of a 9-square-metre area to a depth of 10 centimeters, the figure was estimated.

Companies including Qualcomm are developing VR-ready chips, Dubai is planning to utilize virtual reality by creating aquariums to replace traditional security booths, and VR apps are being developed for anything from gaming to healthcare scenarios, where we may one day see our surgeons, doctors, and nurses being trained through VR rather than more traditional methods as they learn about the human body.

If you want to have the best VR set-up, right now the best bet is to go with any PC supported VR.

Upgrades for Oculus Avatars was also introduced in the conference.

Assassin's Creed Origins to Feature Free Post-Launch Content
Far Cry 5 isn't out until early 2018, but you will be able to play it later this month on the PS4 Pro console at Armageddon. The season pass is included in the Assassin's Creed Origins Gold Edition and is also available for purchase separately.