Download and Try Out the Pixel 2's Custom Launcher and Camera App


For those who are left out, they'll just to have download Google Duo and conduct video calls directly from the app.

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While video calling has made communication much livelier, Google wants to make it even easier to start a video call from Android devices. This will be achieved by placing direct links within your Phone, Contact, and Messages apps. If both participants are on a carrier that supports ViLTE, the video extension of VoLTE, the call will be routed through the carrier's service. It sounds a bit complicated at the moment, but could become clearer as time goes on.

Samsung's New And Improved Bixby 2.0 Is Coming On 18 October
This, however, may change in the near future: Samsung is said to be releasing an upgraded version of Bixby dubbed Bixby 2 .0. The service intelligence group is in charge of developing Bixby and other artificial intelligence services.

If you own a Nexus device running on Android 8.0 Oreo, you could also try the new Google Camera app as well as the new Pixel Wallpapers app. In other cases, including if only one person is on ViLTE, Google Duo is used to connect the video call to other Google Duo users. Once you update the Truecaller app for iPhone to the latest version, you will notice the new Google Duo functionality within the Contact section under a selected contact.

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Along with the ability to start or stop media, you can also control volume, pause, and do anything else you've been able to do with Home for the past year. It's a very useful feature that really plays to the strengths of the Chromecast platform, but it's been unfortunate that it couldn't be used by Android devices. "To use Duo, make sure you and the person you're calling have the app installed and activated", the company said in its blog post.