Multiple shootings reportedly strike town in Sweden


A gunman has opened fire at a busy market in Trelleborg, Sweden, with at least seven people reported to be seriously injured.

"We have received several reports of a shooting in Trelleborg", a police spokesperson was quoted saying by United Kingdom media.

"Police are working to secure different places for ambulances to reach and treat those who are injured".

A huge police operation has been launched and the area around where the drama unfolded has been cordoned off.

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Trelleborg is a town of around 40,000 people in the far-south of Sweden.

The town is known for past gang violence and that the incident is not being investigated as terrorism, according to AP.

Swedish news agency TT spoke to a witness who said that he heard six large bangs from his apartment and saw "several people" running around.

"We are blocking certain areas and will conduct an investigation".

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A local resident told local media: "There were many shots".

"Right now, it's locked off", he tells local media.

Forensics officers and police dogs have arrived on the scene.

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