'Supergirl' season 3 spoilers: Kara to face Psi in episode 2


Also, James is feeling more useless than normal now that Lena is giving her new acquisition -- CatCo Media -- her undivided attention.

Last impressions: As much as everyone would love to see happy-go-lucky Kara return, it does make sense there would be some lingering emotions about Mon-El. I'm such a fan, I will probably be rooting for her through most of the episode. (She has a real name, but it's so bland that her weak code name ends up looking brilliant.) Psi, played by the criminally underrated Yael Grobglas from the even more underrated Jane the Virgin, is a thief with the power to make people live out their worst fears - a fact that's established immediately as Psi, calmly, walks into a bank and reduces everyone to their knees in fear, including Kara herself. After what happened last season does she think that is still possible, or does the Luthor name just sow chaos? When Supergirl meets her a second time, J'onn tries to provide her with a psychic shield, but she's just too powerful. Hopefully, all her emotional stories this season won't revolve around a man, but this remains to be seen. We'll find out tonight at 8pm ET on the CW. She confided in Winn, hoping that he would come up with a way to fix things. "Although he does give her a fair chance, they do butt heads because her style of management is different from his style of management".

Supergirl confides in Winn and tells him about the fear aspect. It's that type of storylines that speaks to Lena specifically, with her fears and vulnerabilities, but, also. her strengths. Her response to the fear is to bust straight up the building, causing who knows how much damage. Melissa Benoist did a good job with her acting portraying what it was like for a person suffering from panic attacks. Although the premiere ended with Kara taking a step in the right direction and injecting herself back into the lives of her family and friends, it didn't seem like a permanent solution. That leads into a nice moment with Alex and Kara at the latter's apartment. I know from experience that they are nasty to experience.

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We're still getting the subplot with Samantha Arias, aka Reign, in this episode. In the comics, Reign is among a group of Worldkillers who attempted to dominate Earth.

Our subplot crosses with the main plot when Ruby is sitting at a pizza place alone and witnesses Psi and her destruction. "While Sanvers" and Mystery Single Mom's mornings are sun-kissed interludes of wake-up sex and toaster waffles, Kara greets the day in a drab apartment with a bowl of lumpy oatmeal as her only companion. The city was saved again, and the same goes for Ruby and her mother.

Meanwhile, Alex is not so sure about what she wants for her and Maggie's wedding. "Kara thinks that she's dealing with it fine and from the outside, everybody else can see that she's not". Even though Kara isn't being a particularly good friend right now, the Girl of Steel quickly learns that Lena isn't going to be a pushover boss.

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The episode ends with J'onn getting a psychic call from M'gann that he needs to come to Mars. In Supergirl's first season, we learned that (of course) James didn't particularly think highly of the Luthor family. So it's slightly refreshing to know that she's not aware of who she actually is just yet.

During the attack on National City, we also met Odette Annable's character.

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