A California Restaurant Got Caught Serving Popeye's Chicken to Customers


"Before my friends and I got seated we saw them quickly bring in two large boxes of Popeyes to the kitchen", Tyler H. wrote in his October 7 review. "I wanted to believe that this was just a snack for the workers, but alas it was not", he wrote. He chose to order chicken and waffles to see if Popeyes chicken was used; if you've had Popeyes, you know it has a distinct flavor. "I love it. I think it's the best chicken out there". "If they ask, I tell customers where the chicken comes from". The Waffles were also hard as rocks. "You do this for coffee...why not for Popeyes chicken?"

And later stated in a Facebook post that, "We have never claimed we make each and every item".

While serving Popeye's chicken as your own is something you'd expect a restaurant to hide or lie about, the restaurant owner, Kimberly Sanchez, responded to Tyler's review, noting that it "proudly serves" chicken tenders from Popeye's, which is delivered twice a day. "We're an old building". They were concerned when they saw employees walking boxes of Popeye's Chicken right through the front door and taking them back to the kitchen. "It's the best chicken", she said.

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The owner of Sweet Dixie Kitchen admits to re-heating Popeyes chicken and using it in some of her dishes. "And we will be glad to let you know which is which- just like we always have". We promote usually small batch local producers in our menu. The exception is Popeye's.

"I tried Costco chicken, I tried Restaurant Depot chicken, and then I went to dinner at Popeyes and knew this was the chicken we had to use for the store".

"I'm in tears at my house, like inconsolable", she added.

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"We make quiche - as in crack each egg and measure spices and cream, and I put in a pie crust that was made elsewhere (isn't made here)". We don't mill our own flour as we don't own a mill or wheat farm and our coconut cake is made by our prep cook who makes cakes for private clients. "We use the best product I can buy to make the items on the menu- some of them again, come from other companies, vendors, establishments just like any other place you eat at", the apparent owner wrote on Tuesday (Oct. 17), via a Sweet Dixie Facebook account that was later deleted. Their chicken and biscuits cost $13, by the way.

"We didn't do anything wrong". I thought the chicken tasted suspiciously like Popeye's and was also rather stale.

The owner claimed she is waiting to hear back from Popeyes about a potential "partnership", Fox reported.

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