Margot Robbie Sticks Landing as Disgraced Figure Skater in 'I, Tonya' Teaser


Tonya Harding went from American hero to sinking far below zero as she became one of the most hated women, not just in sport but across the whole world. But is truth really all that important, asks the new teaser trailer for I, Tonya?

Ye of little faith who had doubts that Margot Robbie, an Australian ingenue who claims that she is 26, could embody the irascible and heavily-eyeliner-ed Tonya Harding, prepare to eat your words: the trailer for I, Tonya looks good as hell.

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The dark comedy centers on the life and career of the infamous Olympic figure skater, who fell from grace after the attack on fellow competitor Nancy Kerrigan. "For Craig Gillespie, I, Tonya represents a similar vindication, giving credence to the director's budding gift first demonstrated in his dramedy Lars and the Real Girl, even if it is ten years on". The voiceover that tells us there's no such thing as truth is probably the key to the entire movie. "There's no such thing as truth, I mean, it's bulls-!"

The film examines Tonya Harding's rise in figure skating and her relationship with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, played by Stan. Harding ultimately won the event after Kerrigan withdrew due to her injuries.

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The footage comes as buzz continues to grow around the Oscar-hopeful after earning rave reviews at its Toronto International Film Festival premiere in September. Her body double? Blink and you'll miss Allison Janney as Tonya's mother, wearing a delightful wig, smoking a cigarette and staring hard into a TV.

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