Sabyasachi's 'apple pie' Diwali treat in the Bigg Boss house…


The three then come out of the Kal Kothari and steal candies, but then Bigg Boss scolds them about not caring about the security of others, the Gharwalas then begin to fight them, and Arshi begins to cry when Hina screams at her angrily. Vikas who is watching the task being in jail is happy to see the way his team is performing. Bigg Boss reprimanded the trio and it spoiled the entire cheerful atmosphere of Diwali. Vikas kisses Shilpa on the cheek and apologizes to her. Luv then gets angry at Puneesh and picks a fiight with him and push each other with their chests. When Akash came near the jail, Vikas asked what happened.

Before the episode ended, Jyoti Kumari and Arshi also joined Vikas in the jail.

And now in tonight's episode, the fight between Arshi and Hina continues.

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Later, Bigg Boss gives task in which they divide contestants into two teams in which one team's captain is Vikas and another one is Puneesh. All the members of the team from Akash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma, Arshi Khan to Shilpa Shinde will be at the receiving end while all they can do is just tolerate everything while resting their chins on the stand till they can bear no more.

However, in a rather unexpected turn of events, Arshi, Vikas and Jyoti sneaked out of the Kal Kothri in order to get some candies.

There has been a spat between Shilpa and Vikas on a daily basis, and they mostly turn ugly. Thus, the victor of the luxury budget task for this week was Vikas and his team.

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We see Bandgi and Puneesh in a conversation wherein the former tells him all the things that Vikas told her about him. Vikas also tells sorry to Puneesh for getting into fight with him during the luxury budget task. Buckets and buckets of ice cold water, coloured water, wood shavings and filth will make Team Puneesh breathless.

Luv got into a bad fight with both Puneesh and Akash.

Shared a source exclusively to, "With a newfound warmth between them, Shilpa will be seen helping Vikas as he spends his time in the kalkothari".

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