Demi Lovato Reveals She Hid Addictions While Preaching Sobriety


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Demi went on: 'Food is still the biggest challenge in my life and it controls - I don't want to give it the power to say it controls my every thought, but it's something that I'm constantly thinking about.

Those close to Lovato quickly realized that the "Stone Cold" singer was still struggling with the same issues that caused her to seek treatment.

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A previous documentary, released in 2012, followed Lovato after a stint in rehab after she assaulted a back-up dancer who had reportedly snitched about a hardcore party that featured extensive drug use. "That was one of the reasons we broke up, because I've never been alone".

Her manager, Phil McIntyre, told the documentary: "We were in NY and she clearly was on something, and she was on air promoting this new way of life, and I was like, "You're so full of it".

On Selena and Zendaya's influence: "I have crossed paths with Selena and Zendaya a few times, I admire them both immensely..." I'm learning how to be a voice and not a victim. "I've learned that love is necessary". "I would bake cookies for my family and I would eat all of them and nobody would have any to eat". She reveals that he was her "rock" and her "everything" during hard parts of her recovery from alcohol addiction and substance abuse, and she says her heart might always be with him, though she is keeping an open mind in case love comes knocking in the future. Getting better was a struggle for her, one that she's still dealing with, and she doesn't hide any of that. We see Demi discuss not being the "perfect" poster girl for sobriety but also realising that her honesty can inspire and help others.

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"There's like a certain stigma around a woman having casual sex", Lovato explained later in the doc. "She's not going to do anything insane".

Adding to the praise, a loyal supporter remarked: "You're so incredibly strong". And she's letting you know that you can do the same thing.

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