Women accused of killing North Korean leader's half-brother retrace steps through airport


The two women accused of killing the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were brought back to the scene of the crime on Tuesday as part of their murder trial.

The visit was aimed at giving the judge and others involved in the case a better idea of how events unfolded on the day of the murder, according to lawyers.

Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong were at Kuala Lumpur airport on Tuesday. The women's defence lawyers have said that they were duped by suspected North Korean agents into believing that they were playing a harmless prank for a TV show.

The spot where Jong-Nam was killed inside the airport's departure terminal was filled with journalists and heavy police presence as Siti and Doan arrived in handcuffs and bulletproof vests surrounded by over 50 Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Staffoc) personnel at 8.20am.

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They are expected to visit the check in hall where Mr Kim appeared to have been attacked, and the medical centre where he sought assistance. The men have also been charged with the murder, though they remain at large. Four North Koreans fled Malaysia on the day of the killing.

According to their respective counsels, both suspects opted to use the wheelchair as they had been exhausted from wearing their bullet vests weighing 1kg each during their walk around the airport. They also visited a toilet where one of the women had headed after the attack, and walked through a shopping area.

Exhausted by the exertion of moving around the airport in bulletproof vests, both Siti and Doan were given wheel chairs to move midway through the murder trail walk.

Azmi had ordered the entourage to retrace the steps taken by Jong-Nam, Siti and Doan at the airport before and after the murder, resulting in three trips within the airport terminal.

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Gooi Soon Seng, a lawyer for Aisyah, told AFP that "the goal of the visit was to better understand how it [the killing] happened".

Since the trial opened on 2 October, witnesses have testified that Kim died from acute VX poisoning.

Experts have been confounded by how Aisyah and Huong could have attacked Kim with such a deadly poison without causing any harm to themselves.

In CCTV footage, Siti was seen chatting with a man at the restaurant before the attack.

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Chilling details have emerged during the proceedings.