Snapchat's 60 Second Multi-Snap Videos Are Live On Android


Hopefully the new multi-snap feature will allow you to make even longer and better videos on the popular social media app. Just 24% of teens said Instagram was their favorite social media platform, marking a rise of 1 percentage point, while both Facebook and Twitter dropped in popularity to 9% and 7%, respectively. This limit was increased to up to 60 seconds on iOS. Snapchat has now brought its Multi-Snap feature to Android devices.

Snapchat hack: Did you know you can now record 60-second videos through your app?

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Previously users could only record videos of up to 10 seconds in length. Keep your finger down past that 10-second mark and it will continue to record. After every 10 seconds, a thumbnail for a 10-second clip will appear above the recording button. If you're not able to take minute-long videos in your app, it's probably because you don't have the latest version of the software. Now when they open the share tray, they will see Snapchat as an option next to other social media apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Due to this new feature of external link sharing, Snapchat could turn into a legitimate source of referral traffic for news and e-commerce sites.

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Once you've finished recording, you can delete any of the individual 10-second video parts, which could make for some unintentional comedy if it cuts in weird ways. But at the same time Snapchat never fails to amaze its users through the security features it introduces: Ghost mode. Ghost mode was added for users who did not want Snap Map to broadcast their location to their friends all the time. So if users want to stop location sharing for a brief period only, they won't have to disable Ghost Mode manually again.

Until just recently, Android users had to sum up their moments in just 10-second captures, but the app has implemented 60-second sharing capabilities to match the iOS feature.

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