Russian claims he lived on Mars in past life


Confounding experts with his knowledge on outer space for almost 20 years, a Russian has now baffled scientists by claiming that he lived on Mars before he was reborn on Earth.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, of Volgograd, Russia, alleged he lived on the red planet before being reborn on Earth along with "others" on a mission to save mankind.

He said that life on Earth will change significantly when the Great Sphinx landmark in Giza is "opened", including that the opening instrument is holed up behind an ear, the report said.

He says that Martians measuring about seven-feet tall still live underground on the Red Planet and breathe in carbon dioxide.

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He said there is still a civilisation on the planet and that he was a martian pilot who travelled to Earth.

He claimed that the Martians don't die and stop aging after they attain the age of 35.

He said: "I remember that time, when I was 14 or 15 years old".

As far as technology is concerned the Russian claims that when they lived on Mars they were much more technologically advanced and that they were even capable of interstellar travel. Martian spaceships are very complicated.

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Doctors of traditional medicine acknowledge the boy's unusual abilities, although they do not say, of course, that they believe he used to live on Mars in his past life. She also claimed that he could read newspaper headlines when he was just one and could draw when he was two.

His mother, who is a doctor, said that the first indication that he's special comes a few weeks after birth, because he can hold his own head without help.

A Russian man has stunned scientists with his "out-of-this-world knowledge" of Mars and solar system despite never being taught by anyone.

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