Chilling video 'shows kidnapped mum running from her captors'


Detectives said Papini was battered and bruised, and bound with restraints the morning she was found.

Surveillance video from a Jehovah's Witness church in Woodland shows Sherri Papini moments before she was found Thanksgiving morning in 2016.

Papini and the man texted each other trying to meet up while he was in California, detectives said.

The dark, grainy footage from a nearby church in Yolo County, California shows Papini running down an interstate in the middle of the night November 24, 2016, then about a minute later running in the opposite direction.

Police have released CCTV footage of the moment mum Sherri Papini fled from her kidnappers in Northern California in the hopes of identifying them.

"Sherri Papini can be seen running to the church north on Highway 99W and then south on Highway 99W until she goes out of view, heading toward the Interstate 5 northbound on ramp".

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Papini also told investigators the women were driving a dark-colored SUV, officials said, adding that she continues to look at photographs of various makes and models of SUVs in an effort to provide a more detailed description.

In the call, he speculates she had gone jogging near their home. She claims she was released before a truck driver spotted her on the roadside - chained, beaten, branded and malnourished.

Detectives investigating the freakish case, which has been plagued by speculation it was staged by the petite blonde mother-of-two, appear no closer to tracking down and arresting the perpetrators.

Last month, police said both male and female DNA was recovered from the mother-of-two's clothes, Fox News reports.

For a reason that continues to elude investigators, Papini was released by her captors.

Papini alleges her release followed an argument between the two suspects, in which the younger suspect drove her to a rural area near I-5 and set her free.

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While Papini was missing, investigators discovered on November 17 that Papini was texting with a man from MI days before her disappearance. The FBI said the man was not involved in the kidnapping.

The revelation explains the mystery trip made by detectives to MI between November 9 and November 11 a year ago, while Ms Papini was still missing.

Any new details from the sheriff's office were not made public.

Investigators had previously had refused to explain why they went out of state.

Almost a year after Papini was found in Yolo County, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office released sketches on October 26 of two women Papini described to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as being her abductors.

The petite blonde had lost a significant amount of weight and bore the scars of having been branded - a skin modification sometimes employed by sex traffickers to signify ownership.

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