Studies find that drinking can increase chances of getting cancer


Dr. Bruce Johnson, president of the ASCO, an organization of cancer doctors, said in a statement that People habitually do not relate to drinking, wine and hard liquor with rising risk of developing cancer in their lifespan.

According to ASCO, excessive alcohol consumption can also delay or negatively affect cancer treatment.

ASCO's Cancer Prevention Committee called for public education and outreach efforts by the oncology community, including alcohol screening, increased alcohol taxes and prices, and limits on days and hours of sale. He added, however, that the link between alcohol and cancer has been established firmly, giving the medical community much-needed guidance on how people can reduce risks for the disease. Further researchers propounded in 2012 that almost 5.5 percent all novel cancer contingency and 5.8 percent of all cancer related demise worldwide could be assigned to consuming alcohol. For example, discouraging alcoholic beverage companies from exploiting the color pink or pink ribbons to show a commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer given the evidence that alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

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LoConte said she hopes oncologists can be a "loud voice for policy change".

"I think the take-home message from the statement is that the really high-risk people are very high drinkers - over a prolonged period of time", LoConte said.

Since then, she said, more and more evidence has accumulated tying alcohol to a broader group of cancers, including colorectal cancer and, in women, breast cancer.

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Heavy drinkers of both genders increase their risk of head and neck and oral cancers by more than 500 percent because tissues come into direct contact with alcohol carcinogens. "We don't have randomized trials, but sometimes when you start looking at the coherence of all the evidence, including the observational epidemiology, the lab studies, the mechanistic studies, you begin to see a picture and get more clarity". Overdoing it may lead to cancer.

Therefore, it is imperative to reduce alcohol consumption to avoid serious repercussions in the longer run.

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