The Most Ancient Ancestors of Human Beings Lived in UK


"Our 145 million-year-old teeth are undoubtedly the earliest yet known from the line of mammals that lead to our own species".

And the earliest fossilised examples of these eutherian mammals - that is, species either with placentas or more closely related to placental mammals than marsupials - have been discovered not in some distant exotic wilderness but in the cliffs edging the genteel English county of Dorset.

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"In the world of palaeontology there has been a lot of debate around a specimen found in China, which is approximately 160 million years old", said Dr. Sweetman. "In contrast, fossils provide physical evidence and Averianov 2015 [a study] does not accept Juramaia as a eutherian based on dental characters, and in this we agree", Sweetman added.

Key words: Mammalia, Eutheria, dentition, Early Cretaceous, Purbeck Group, Britain.

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Scientists named one of the species Durlstodon ensomi, after Paul Ensom, a local palaeontologist.

Grant Smith, an undergraduate student from the University of Portsmouth in England, stumbled upon two fossil teeth while he was sifting through samples at Durlston Bay on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset. Smith is now reading for his Master's degree at the university. "I was asked to look at them and give an opinion and even at first glance my jaw dropped", said Sweetman. Sweetman said in a statement released by the university. One, a possible burrower, probably ate insects and the larger may have eaten plants as well. This group comprises over 4,000 species with fantastic diversity, from mice and horses to whales and humans, and so many others. "Some early mammals are represented by skeletons including skulls, and study of the brain shape and nerves indicates that many of these animals had eyesight adapted to nocturnal activity". Moreover, the level of evolutionary differences seen in these newfound teeth compared with those of other ancient mammals "implies that eutherians had a very early beginning, and that diversity in eutherians arose much earlier than previously expected", Sweetman said.

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Phylogeny is the biological development and history of an organism or its class. Paleontologists have been researching the class Mammalia's phylogeny for some time, particularly its trajectory from tiny rodent-like creatures in the late Triassic 200 million years ago, to modern-day humans.