Google is reportedly working on an AirDrop-like file transfer app


Google is testing out a new app which is called Files Go, and it is going to be a new storage management system for Android.

The description, as before, details its features - including its ability to help locate and delete spam and duplicate photos; support for offline file sharing; its file management utility; and its tool that recommends which of your rarely-used apps could be removed to help free up space on your phone.

As you dive into the various sections, you can then filter the files by source for easier discovery, access, or deletion. And if you're curious, you can now try it out directly from the Play Store.

Dash Charging Is Better Than Wireless Charging - OnePlus
The OnePlus team has simply clarified that it won't have wireless charging yet as Dash Charge is still the best choice for them. With battery life dropping thanks to phones getting more powerful, we're all used to having to charge our phones every day.

(Web Desk) - Tech giant Google is readying its latest Android app which will allow the smartphone users to share files and manage their storage without using internet. The feature uses Bluetooth connectivity of your device to enable wireless transfer - without requiring an active data connection.

Though early speculation was that Files Go was being aimed at emerging markets, we understand it's on track for a global launch, starting in December. Both smartphones require connecting to each other through send or receive buttons. Even better, you only need to have Android 5.0 or higher in order to download and use Files Go on your device.

The app itself is fairly lightweight, as an under 6 MB download.

Drake wants Hollywood career
However, Drake is being careful about who he works with and is said to be looking for projects that resonate instead of big names. Margaret Atwood from " The Handmaid's Tale " recently made a public offer for Drake to cameo in Season 2 of the Hulu series.

The malware is capable of identifying a variety of financial and retail mobile apps on the infected devices and tailors the phishing attack to display a fake version of the banking app the victim uses, if the target bank is recognized by the malware.

So the good news is that this app is available right now through the APK. We think that Google likely will be testing this app out for a bit longer before the official release happens.

Created to steal banking credentials and payment information, BankBot tricks users into handing over their financial details by using an interface identical to victim's bank's app.

Google, Volkswagen spin up quantum computing partnership
These include urban traffic guidance systems, available electric charging stations or vacant parking spaces. VW claims that will be important to autonomous driving, a technology both it and Google are developing.