South Park: Phone Destroyer Out Now on iOS and Android


- "South Park: Phone Destroyer" is now available for Android and iOS devices, CNet reports. Much like the last two console and PC RPGs set in the South Park universe, the game puts you in the shoes of "a new kid" in town that joins Cartman and one of their elaborate plays, cowboys versus Indians in this case. Gameplay consists of dealing cards featuring characters from the game, each with different classes and abilities that help them dish out punishment to the opposing side. - Beat down opponents in real-time PVP battles.

While technically free-to-play, South Park: Phone Destroyers come with a vast array of in-app purchases which you can use to speed up your progress.

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The game offers real-time PvP battles as well as a single player story, which has been created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios. Everything can be earned in the game without paying, but you can choose to spend real world money if you wish. Cards and other items can be bought in-game, but even the developers warn players not to succumb to the game's microtransactions.

South Park: Phone Destroyer brings you iconic South Park characters, action packed real-time strategy, exploding PvP battles, trademark South Park humor and collectible cards in a ideal mix that's spicier than Cartman's chili con carne ... Ubisoft's free-to-play, microtransaction-based game launches with a warning about free-to-play, microtransaction-based games. The game is designed so that nothing is ever locked behind a paywall.

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Grab South Park: Phone Destroyer from Google Play and the App Store.

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