Fans revolt against EA's Star Wars in-game payment system


Sure, playing a game for hours to earn characters is (probably, depending on what you do) more fun than going to work, but at over 170 hours to unlock all the characters by playing vs. less than a tenth of that for the necessary cash, it seems like a better use of time at this point to just pick up some extra hours of actual work.

This has come together to result in an official EA community account - EACommunityTeam - that now has the most downvoted comment in reddit's history.

That's because fans of the "Star Wars Battlefront" series are outraged that major characters are unavailable to play from the start of the newest game in the series, "Star Wars Battlefront 2".

It looks as though EA has certainly struck a chord with fans. Every Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crate, no matter the different rarity of type, will always contain three items. However, Star Wars: Battlefront II is being blasted by the community since the weekend for its blatant pay-to-win model and this is exactly what has been toned down from the review copies.

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Electronic Arts' biggest game of the year hits store shelves tomorrow, but the excitement about Star Wars Battlefront II isn't at the levels the publisher might like - and the game's losing goodwill rapidly.

While as fictional as it could be, the trailer certainly does well in conveying the Star Wars atmosphere.

The previous "Battlefront" game had no such system. You don't have to buy them - they're earned through playing the game. The fans were thrilled until gamers realized loot boxes gave players that bought it advantages.

By comparison, the second most downvoted comment on the platform now stands at a negative of 24,333 downvotes - more than 10 times less than EA's post. In other words, once the actual game releases, there may be even more way to earn credits (and earn them quickly) that has yet to be unveiled in the current early access edition of Battlefront II (translation: it may no longer take approximately 40 hours to unlock a single hero).

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In another post, EA stated that it chose the cost (for unlocking Heroes) based on the data it received from the Open Beta phase.

It doesn't get much nicer if you scroll down the page.

Essentially, "When and how is it okay to handle charging players money in games?" And that's after spending $60 or more on the game itself.

In case you didn't know, the game will not offer its Heroes from the get-go. The response to EA's defense of their game has smashed the down-voting record for Reddit.

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