Slain Green Beret Melgar Murdered After Discovery of SEAL Embezzlement


Gen. Donald Bolduc, then commander of Special Operations Command-Africa, was suspicious of the two SEALs' story from the start. However, officials say that Melgar's autopsy report showed no drugs or alcohol in his system, which pokes plenty of holes in the SEALs' accounts.

Melgar, a Green Beret, was allegedly offered to join the racket in which the two Navy SEALs allegedly kept military money that was supposed to be used to pay informants.

When Melgar's death was discovered, the two SEALS apparently went into a panic, the Daily Beast reported.

U.S. Army Green Beret Logan Melgar was reportedly likely killed in Mali after discovering graft by two members of the famed Navy SEAL Team Six in early June, The Daily Beast reports.

In late October, it was announced the death of Sergeant Logan J. Melgar at USA embassy housing in Bamako, Mali had been ruled a homicide by strangulation, and two Navy SEALs, who had been staying in the same building had been officially placed under suspicion - now, it's been suggested Melgar may have been killed to stop him speaking out about the theft of funds by the elite team.

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"If the reported facts were established, the murder of Staff Sgt. Melgar would be among the most aggravating factors and could justify referral to courts-martial as capital cases", Brennan wrote to Business Insider.

The Times reported that Melgar was found dead June 4 at the U.S. Embassy housing he shared in Mali with other special operations personnel working in West Africa on training and counterterrorism missions. They claimed that Melgar passed out in the process, and their efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

When that failed to revive him, the two SEALs told another Green Beret on the operation that Melgar was unconscious, and the three of them took him to a French clinic for help.

But it was a bad excuse because the autopsy report eventually came back, proving that there were no traces of drugs or alcohol in the Green Beret's system.

Melgar's cause of death was asphyxiation, according to a defense official familiar with the findings of the medical examiner's report.

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The accused SEALs told their bosses Melgar had been drinking and died while practicing combat exercises, the Daily Beast stated. One source believed he never drank alcohol.

His superiors suspected foul play and dispatched an investigating officer to the scene within 24 hours.

The SEALs at the center of the NCIS homicide investigation have not been identified or charged.

Shortly after the incident the two SEALs were flown out of Mali and placed on administrative leave.

A new Daily Beast report now fills in some blanks, at least, according to members of the specials-ops community who spoke anonymously to the outlet.

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Melgar, who was from Lubbock, Texas, was just 34 years old when he died, and served two tours in Afghanistan. He graduated from Special Forces Qualification in 2016.