Aussie doctor survives shark attack after punching predator in nose


Charlie Fry, who's been in Australia for two months working at Gosford Hospital, had just missed catching a wave when the shark attack occurred just after 4 p.m. Monday.

A young British doctor has described punching a shark that leapt from the water to attack him as he surfed off Australia's eastern coast, escaping with bite marks to his shoulder and arm.

He said he didn't know what breed of shark attacked him.

"I felt a smack on my right shoulder and when I turned around, the shark breach [ed] and I saw its jaw and teeth coming at me", Fry told The Daily Telegraph.

"So when it happened, I was like: 'Just do what Mick did".

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"Me and my friends have just started surfing, and we saw the YouTube clip of Mick Fanning saying he punched (a shark) in the nose. Thank you very much".

Mr Fry, a doctor from the United Kingdom, is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.

"I got this massive thud on my right-hand side - it completely blindsided me".

He managed to fend the shark off with his left arm before scrambling back onto his board and bolt back into shore while also alerting his three friends.

Charlie added: "Jeez, I don't know if I can tell [my] mum - she might kill me!"

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I was just surfing in going "get in as fast as possible, ride the wave as long as you can and then paddle for your life essentially",' he said.

"North Avoca and Avoca beaches are now closed following a shark attack", the council said.

Police said in a statement the man's injuries were not serious.

"The crew of Westpac Life saver 22 has located a 3.0 metre white shark just north of the Avoca Lagoon entrance".

Fanning was competing at the J-Bay Open in South Africa two years ago when he was knocked off his board by a shark yet escaped unscathed.

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