England to back Ireland in Cup vote


French Rugby Federation President Bernard Laporte had previously accused World Rugby of "negligence" and "amateurism" and being dishonest about he independence of the consultancy agencies employed as part of the report, which ranked France second and Ireland third.

With the South African rugby fraternity wallowing in grief after the Springboks were handed another record defeat at the weekend, they will join local sports fans across the country tomorrow afternoon in the hope that World Rugby will rubber stamp the nation's approval.

South Africans are being urged to wear green this Wednesday (November 15) to show their support of South Africa to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

There were 39 votes at stake at the council meeting, with a majority required to determine the host nation.

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Sunday Times Writer Stephen Jones has weighed in on the fall-out from World Rugby's report into the most suitable nation to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will return to London on Monday where he will lead "Team South Africa" to the World Rugby Council announcement of the Rugby World Cup 2023 host venue.

"Was an independently recognised, world-class security organisation used to review the underlying security situation within each bidding country. if not, why not?" he asked.

Those eligible to vote in the secret ballot on November 15 are: Australia (3 votes), England (3), New Zealand (3), Scotland (3), Wales (3), Italy (3), Argentina (3), Canada (1), Japan (2), Georgia (1), Romania (1), US (1), Asia Rugby (2), Oceania Rugby (2), Rugby Africa (2), Rugby Americas North (2), Rugby Europe (2), Sudamerica Rugby (2).

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"These clarifications have been addressed with significant supporting detail, and have been shared with the host candidates and World Rugby Council", added the statement, saying they reflected "transparent principles" and "do not impact on the detail or outcomes of the evaluation report nor on the subsequent recommendation".

In order for council to have appropriate time to consider all the materials, the window for dialogue is now closed.

The announcement is expected to take place in London on Wednesday, November 15 2017.

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