Lebanon bonds rebound as PM Hariri says to return home soon


The Lebanese prime minister announced his resignation following visits to Saudi Arabia.

He appeared near the table where the interview was taking place, when Hariri's eyes were wide open staring toward him with an angry and disgusted look.

He has criticised the Iran-backed Hezbollah, which is part of his coalition government, for sowing strife in the Arab world and said he could take his resignation back if the group agreed to stay out of regional conflicts.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement on Saturday that Washington calls upon "all states and parties to respect Lebanon's sovereignty, independence, and constitutional processes".

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun refused to accept Hariri's resignation unless he tendered it in person in Lebanon.

The comments came in Hariri's first TV interview since his resignation announcement, in which he lashed out harshly at Hezbollah and its patron Iran.

"The Lebanese people have been waiting for him (Hariri) to return because the situation has come to a stop and the Lebanese people have been unsettled", el-Rai said. He said he would return to Lebanon within two or three days.

The United States, France and Britain have all expressed strong support for Lebanon's stability and sovereignty.

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Trump tweeted on Monday that he had "great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia" following the mass arrests - the biggest such purge of the kingdom's affluent elite in its modern history.

Hariri's interview on Sunday night, carried by Future TV, a channel associated with his political party, raised some new questions.

Tillerson was also "signaling to the Israelis. that now is not the time to go after Lebanon", said Salem, referring to long-standing Israeli concerns about Hezbollah's growing military prowess. On Twitter, some Lebanese shared clips of the video and wondered if the man in the back had some kind of message for Hariri, fueling reports that the prime minister was being held against his will. Hariri and the interviewer, Paula Yacoubian, realized the moment was caught on camera. He repeatedly drank water, finishing his glass and asking for more, prompting Yacoubian to hand him her own glass of water. "He is always welcome there and he will continue to be welcome there".

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