Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel to rob bank


The crime was discovered on Monday morning.

In an incident that could ring alarm bells for customers who think their jewellery and valuables are safe inside bank lockers, robbers in Navi Mumbai dug a 25-feet tunnel to enter a Bank of Baroda Juinagar branch. The value of the stolen cash and valuables has yet to be estimated. The masterminds of the operation had rented a grocery store three shops next to the bank in June this year. They dug a 25-feet long tunnel to reach the locker room, the official added.

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The three properties are Hotel Raunaq Afroz, also known as Delhi Zaika, Shabnam Guest House and six rooms in Damarwala building. In the advertisement, the government listed five properties, of which two belong to the underworld don.

Officials said that about 237 lockers, 30 lockers were found open. In order to escape suspicion, the masterminds wiped off their finger prints with a wet cloth from places which they touched. According to the police, the accused used plywood and bamboo for support. Prima facie, police sources said, the digging work must have been on for the past some months.

The current incident, and similar ones in the recent past, point to the increasing redundancy of bank lockers under existing rules.

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Now the customers who lost their valuables in the heist in the locker room of Bank of Baroda may not get any compensation.

Hemant Nagrale Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner said in a brief statement that 30 of the bank lockers had been broken, out of two hundred twenty five, total available with the bank.

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The Bank of Baroda branch occupies shops one to four in Bhakti Residency, opposite Juinagar Railway Station in Sector 11, with the fourth shop housing the ATM cubicle and locker room. It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list".