W.Bengal Wins The Rosogulla Fight With Odisha


According to a report by News18, the Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks and GI, Chinnaraja G Naidu was quoted saying, "Yes, today Bengal got the GI patent for Rosogolla". Rosogolla or Rasgulla is a sweet famous Bengali dish which is famous across the nation and the world for its sweet, unique taste.

"Rosogolla", a dessert, made from ball shaped dumplings of Indian cottage cheese i.e., "channa", is cooked in light syrup made of sugar.

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The battle, which had been on for nearly the past two years, saw an end when the Geographical Indication (GI) announced that the sweet actually originated in West Bengal.

Ever since both the governments asked for a Geographical Indication in 2015, the sweet had found itself at the centre of an interesting tug of war with West Bengal claiming it was invented by a Calcutta confectioner Nabin Chandra Das also known as the "Columbus of Rossogolla". Odisha calls it "Pahala Rasgulla".

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A couple of years ago, Odisha had claimed that Rosogulla had originated from Puri's Jagannath Templ, where it has been a part of the religious rituals since centuries ago.

Significantly, the Government of Odisha had formed three separate committees to justify its claim. The GI authorities said that Bengal is the origin of rosogulla and that it has been settled under the GI Act that authenticates a product relating to either a geographical location, or community or society.

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