Blizzard confirms Overwatch will run at 4K on Xbox One X


During a chat with WindowsCentral, Blizzard said: "Overwatch team is excited with great possibilities Xbox One X opens".

Blizzard Entertainment is apparently taking advantage of the Xbox One X's increased processing power to add some Overwatch Xbox One X enhancements, which will help to get the game into a better 4K resolution. No telling if other tasks will follow.

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Other Overwatch fans believe she may still be going through testing for a few more weeks, with a more likely release date being in December as part of a Christmas event. If work has only just begun, then it could be a while.

Seeing as how Moira is the 26th character, Blizzard is expected to release the hero later this week.

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The Xbox One X appears to be off to a great start as not only has the console had strong sales, but developers are showing their support for 4K. A large number of Xbox One games that have been looking forward to the console will likely be doing similar things, upgrading their games to be both playable on the Xbox One X, and also to be able to look good while doing so. Either way, it's unlikely we'll see it until 2018.

How Blizzard go about this will be very interesting, because the Overwatch update for PlayStation 4 Pro was decidedly less than comprehensive. No official news yet.

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Blizzard has now confirmed that Overwatch will be running at the glorious 4K resolution on the new Xbox One X, but it will take them a little more time to prepare the first-person phenomenon for the Xbox One X.