Mask Used To Successfully Unlock An iPhone X


A video of a mom and her 10-year-old kid had surfaced online demonstrating how easy it is for a kid to unlock their parents iPhone X. In the video, the mom first showed that Face ID was configured to her face and then she passed the device to her son.

This is what a new video shows that features Sana Sherwani and her kid Ammar Malik. The video comprises of 41-second and the family has been successful in unlocking iPhone X.

To breach the Face ID security system, Bkav invested $150 and this included a 3D printer and the length of time it took to create a mask and successfully unlock the iPhone X was five days. This put an end to Ammar's Face ID hacks.

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Attaullah Malik, Ammar's father, said in a LinkedIn direct message to CNET that his son's face can not always unlock his mother's phone. He was even able to unlock his father's iPhone X, but only at one time, but later his was unable to do it.

After the mother reregistered her face under different lighting, her son was no longer able to unlock her phone. However, she chose to further test things by registering all over again under indoor night-time lighting, similar to the first time.

While cases like this one might not be that common, it seems family members with similar facial structure could circumvent the privacy of their loved ones by fooling the Face ID tech.

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And People has been testing it out the Face ID, if they will be able to crack it down using a different face. As their distinct facial features may not have fully developed, so they might unlock your phone easily. But in this case, both the parents are clearly saying that no one ever entered the iPhone X's passcode which means the TrueDepth camera hasn't captured any improvements in regards to Face ID.

Meanwhile, when the executive Phil Schiller was introducing the iPhone X, he publicly said Apple's engineers had worked with professional mask makers and makeup artists in Hollywood to protect against attempts to beat Face ID. "If you're concerned about this, we recommend using a passcode to authenticate". To produce a model of the face, 3D printing was employed while other parts of the face such as eyes were 2D images.

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