Coins, needles removed from youth's body in Madhya Pradesh


Doctors in government medical college hospital in district headquarters town of Rewa on Saturday removed unwanted articles weighing almost one kg from the stomach of a youth hailing from the village of Shohabal in the district after a three-hour-long surgery.

In a rare surgery, surgeons treating an Indian man with suspected food poisoning Sunday were stunned after they discovered 263 coins, shaving blades and 100 nails - a total of 7 kilograms of foreign objects in his stomach.

Doctors of a government medical college hospital in district Rewa, removed around 1 kg of unwanted articles such as nails, needles, broken iron chains and even coins from a youth's body.

Dr Priyank Sharma, who led the surgical team, said: "The patient was complaining of stomach pain, so we thought of getting an endoscopy done".

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Maksud Khan's family did not know about his odd habit of swallowing sharp objects. None of his relatives or friends were aware of what the man was doing, so nobody was expecting to find coins and nails inside his stomach. "We come across such a case for the first in our career", he added. He had been complaining of stomach ache for nearly three months.

While the mental health of the man has been questioned, he may well have suffered from severe depression, doctors say.

Khan worked as a three-wheeler driver, the doctors said, and would take to swallowing coins that customers had given him.

"Whenever he felt the urge to ingest a coin, he ingested it with water", said one of the family members.

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Surgeons said that they were surprised at first that the coins and nails didn't cause any pain or problem initially.

Khan is now out of danger and has promised not to eat any more metal items.

A team of six doctors conducted the surgery on 32-year-old Mohammed Maqsood, a resident of Sohaval in Satna district, and removed these objects collectively weighing 5 kilograms.

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