Substitute Phone might help you break your smartphone addiction; here's how


Depending on whether you are a compulsive zoomer, scroller or swiper, you should know that there is a model designed just for you. To be honest the Substitute Phone looks like an abacus but is shaped like a smartphone. The first is the Offline Lamp, which only turns on when you put a smartphone-size object inside its drawer.

Schillinger told Dezeen that the creation of the Substitute Phone was inspired by the constant, nearly compulsive need to check his phone even if no notifications came up on it. Acquaintances of his displayed similar behavior, so he drew inspiration from his realization to design an object that would calm that urge. This can determine you to want to hold your phone even when you do not need to use it. Purchasing a Substitute Phone is exactly what you need. Users can simulate scrolling, pinching, and swiping on what essentially amounts to rectangular pieces of black polyoxymethylene plastic.

"The shape of the Substitute Phone replicates an average smartphone, however, its functions are reduced to the movements we make hundreds of times on a daily basis", Schillinger writes on his website. Users constantly play with them, even if they're not looking for a message or expecting a call, and he was inspired to design "a tool that would help stop this "checking" behaviour".

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The product can help addicts deal with withdrawal symptoms.

When researching his project, Schillinger was inspired by a documentary featuring the Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco - who was trying to give up smoking by substituting his pipe with a wooden stick.

"It was the same thing, but without the nicotine, just the physical stimulation".

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The Substitute Phone isn't on sale yet, though Schillinger has said he'll release it soon.

The Substitute Phone is not available for sale now, however his website reports that his shop is soon to be opened.

The Substitute Phone is the second in a series Schillinger is working on relating to our relationships with our devices.

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