Bungie outlines upcoming Destiny 2 changes and plans for the future


If you look at your local map in the game's Director guide, you'll notice the Roman numeral IX north of the nearest fast-travel marker.

"Destiny 2" has been criticized since launch for a few issues regarding its level progression systems, but the problem has erupted when fans discovered that the game has been created to award less XP points the more hours players spent in certain game modes. He's hanging out on top of a cliff.

Normal Legendaries can be upgraded to Masterworks by equipping Masterwork mods
Bungie outlines upcoming Destiny 2 changes and plans for the future

The Sweet Business auto rifle is is Destiny 2's only LMG The gatling gun needs to spin up for a few moments, but once it does, it unleashes a destructive stream of terror for anyone unlucky enough to be on the other end.

In armour, the Lucky Raspberry chest armour is on offer for Hunters, with a Probability Matrix that increases the capabilities of Arc Grenades and offering them a chance to to recharge when it deals damage.

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In other news, Legendary shards will now become more useful. As Bungie announced earlier this week, Xur will soon begin selling "Fated Engrams" (for 97 legendary shards) that will decrypt into exotics you don't already have, once weekly, as long as there are still exotics you don't have. His currency is Legendary Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down legendary and exotic gear.

This week's Titan armor is Synthoceps, gauntlets that increase your melee range by a pretty large amount. Its main perk, "Actual Grandeur", provides additional damage resistance when using Nova Bomb, and Nova Bomb kills will grant you Super energy. All three armour pieces will set you back 23 Legendary Shards.

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Remember, the game's economy is changing next week, so be careful what you spend your Shards on, because they will be worth a whole lot more starting on Tuesday.

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