Google Play Cracks Down on Lock Screen Ads


Dealing with ads, especially with free apps, is already par for the course for Android users. You can't completely avoid them, but there are some ad implementations that are so annoying that Google has explicitly disallowed them from the Play Store. Data packs are the most prized possession on your phone because more than half of our apps require us to make use of the net.

While the inspiration for Datally came from developing countries where smartphones are linking growing numbers of people to the internet but mobile data costs are onerous, the idea of cutting service bills has universal appeal, according to NBU chief business officer Dave Shapiro. And what's worse, it's hard to figure out where it all goes. You could comb through your phone's stats and see which app is using the bulk of your data plan, or you could install Datally, Google's new data management app.

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Tests of the app in the Philippines had shown that Datally could help save users up to 30 per cent on their data, Google said. These developers would not only hide the notifications but would also invoke useless paid adverts of applications that are of no use to the user of the smartphone. First, it allows users to see data usage on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and get personalised recommendations for how they can save more. There is also a built-in Find Wi-Fi feature that lets you know about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that could help you save a few megabytes.

The Data Saver bubble blocks background data and tracks real-time data usage, whatever app you're in - it's like a speedometer for your data.

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One of the disadvantages of Android being an open operating system is that app developers can pretty much mess with the core experience in any way they want. Over time, Datally will learn your usage patterns and offer more recommendations to save data. If you're in range of a public network, Datally's Wi-Fi finder will notify you and help you connect.

Datally works on all phones running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher, and it's available globally on the Google Play Store.

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