Samsung Might Use Palm Scanning In Its Upcoming Smartphones


The company is said to follow the new trend that has been adopted by Apple for the new iPhones and Google for the Pixel smartphones - no headphone jack. Besides that, we can expect black, blue and gold as well there's also a possibility of a Burgundy Red which looks like the one in the cover image header above.

Australian lawmaker proposes to partner on floor of parliament
The answer from Ryan, who was sitting in the public gallery alongside marriage-equality advocates on Monday morning, was a beaming "Yes".

At "CES 2018" in January in the US, Samsung is likely to unveil a folding "Galaxy X" and new Galaxy S9 with the fastest-ever processor, reports have said. If you still remember, the Galaxy S8 was rumored to come in a violet/purple shade but didn't. "In North America, Samsung was the driving force in the quarter due to its new flagship products". A recent rumor also mentioned that the smartphone will be making its first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Trump thinks a government shutdown would be cool as hell
Democrats, who controlled the Senate and the White House resisted, and the GOP relented after polls showed them taking the blame. Congress has less than two weeks to meet the December 8 deadline to pass a new funding bill and avoid a government shutdown.

There, the device showed off its extremely slim bezels on the side and relatively thin forehead and chin, which come as no surprise considering that the A-series usually gets the tweaks debuted on Samsung's flagships a year later. A dual rear camera is expected for the device, which means a small change in the back. Samsung phones have a lot of different ways of unlocking them like pin, password, fingerprint sensor, iris scanner and facial recognition. The purple color option never arrived for the S8 but who knows, maybe Samsung will replace the most common color options with something unique for its next release. However, a source suggests that the Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor won't be integrated into the display. It's believed that the Galaxy S9 will be available in the same sizes as the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with 5.8 and 6.2-inch screens.

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Since he took office in January, he has also moved to ban USA entry by people from select Muslim countries. No country has done more than the United States, and its generosity will continue, she said.