Select Chromebook Owners Can Score Free Netflix


Chrome OS' stripped-down, web-based ecosystem is a flawless platform for streaming apps, particularly if you happen to own a top-tier Chromebook with a gorgeous display like, say, the Google Pixelbook. Now Google has announced a new offer for the owners of Chromebooks and Pixelbook. This subscription will be free for six months, as long as buyers can redeem theirs before the offer ends on December 31.

With "Two Screens at a Time" streaming plan the package will cost you around $65.94 which is still the best deal instead of paying hundreds of dollar for an online streaming service.

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Google is offering a Netflix subscription for six months in just $99 for the people who own a Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Plus, and a Samsung Chromebook Pro.

Given the current rate of Netflix plans, this is a $65.94 Netflix credit to when redeemed, according to Android Central.

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This subscription is not the top-tier offer from Netflix, however. As a free add-on to any device covered by the promo, this works out to $10.99 a month that covers two screens. Along with that, you also get HD video and access to downloads on compatible devices (including those Chromebooks).

In addition to the free six months of Netflix, Google's Chromebook offers site also also Pixelbook and Chromebook owners to redeem offers for a free copy of the racing game Asphalt 8, $20 of Google Play credit, 100GB of Google Drive storage and 90 days of unlimited music on Google Play.

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Google activated a new promotion for the holiday season.