Niantic Prepares to Reboot First Augmented Reality Game with Ingress Prime


Ingress Prime has been redesigned with a new look, new AR features, and other improvements. In addition to the game, there will also be a new Ingress anime series based on the sci-fi universe of the game.

You might know Niantic best for Pokemon GO, but its first game, Ingress, laid the foundations. Today, the company has announced that work has begun on Ingress Prime, a reboot of the original, improving it with new features and more. It will also boast new augmented reality features created to make better use of modern smartphone cameras.

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When past year, CEO and founder of Niantic, John Hanke was asked about how Pokemon Go Pokestops and Gym locations were selected, he said that the players have to thank other gamers on that matter, especially Ingress. "Ingress is the foundation of our real-world gaming platform and showcases our ability to create in-game and live experiences that can be a force for positive change in communities worldwide".

When playing Ingress, users choose one of two teams - The Enlightened and The Resistance - and they wander the real world looking for Portals to capture.

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The new version of the game will be such a large overhaul that the entire experience will be packaged together as a new title called Ingress Prime.

The launch of Ingress Prime in 2018 will kick off a massive new story arc, beginning a brand new narrative for Agents worldwide. This not only means that players who own the original Ingress will be updated to the new version, it also means that all of their previous progression will be left intact, including their level and any owned items.

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Ingress Prime launches in 2018 for mobile devices. Since release, Ingress has been downloaded more than 20 million times and hosted hundreds of thousands of players at more than 2,000 real world events around the world states Niantic. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic, Inc.'s third game and is being co-developed with Warner Bros.