YouTube to ramp up fight against violent content


Since June, our trust and safety teams have manually reviewed almost 2 million videos for violent extremist content, helping train our machine-learning technology to identify similar videos in the future.

Over the last two weeks, YouTube has removed hundreds of thousands of videos involving children in potentially exploitive situations, including duct-taped into a wall, forced into a washing machine, and other more serious scenarios.

"Human reviewers remain essential to both removing content and training machine learning systems because human judgement is critical to making contextualised decisions on content", she said.

"We will continue the growth of our teams, with the goal of bringing the total number of people across Google working to address content that might violate our policies to over 10,000 in 2018", Wojcicki said.

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Ms Wojcicki said that staff had reviewed almost two million videos for violent extremist content since June.

"We are planning to apply stricter criteria and conduct more manual curation, while also significantly ramping up our team of ad reviewers to ensure ads are only running where they should".

She said the company will be keeping a closer eye on which channels and videos should be eligible for advertising.

"This will also help vetted creators see more stability around their revenue".

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Wojcicki said the company would take "aggressive action" by launching new comment moderation tools.

Just last week it was reported that YouTube removed 150,000 videos over predatory comments targeting children, also disabling comments for more than 625,000 because of the same problem. The website said it is drastically increasing the number of people in charge of overseeing content.

Wojcicki said machine learning is helping Youtube's human reviewers remove almost five times as many videos than previously and that today, 98 per cent of the videos removed for violent extremism were flagged by machine-learning algorithms.

The site's CEO, Susan Wojcicki, also made clear YouTube was developing advanced technology which would automatically flag content up for removal.

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"As challenges to our platform evolve and change, our enforcement methods must and will evolve to respond to them".