Britain, EU fail to reach Brexit deal


"In the final stretch of these complex negotiations, the prime minister is on a razor edge", he writes, and wonders whether Mrs May's latest concession to Brussels might now "unpin the Brexit hand grenade in the UK" and "ignite Belfast, and then Edinburgh and Cardiff" in revolt against her planned deal.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Brexit negotiations must not be held up by disputes over Irish borders and that the issue should be tackled in phase two of departure talks. "We will reconvene before the end of the week and I am also confident that we will conclude this positively".

May said "a lot of progress has been made, but on a couple of issues some differences do remain which require further negotiation".

But reports that Mrs May was on the verge of agreeing a deal on "regulatory alignment" between Northern Ireland the Republic led the DUP to warn it would not back any agreement which threatened the territorial integrity of the UK.

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The Irish border remains one of the biggest issues for Brexit negotiators on both sides of the divorce, along with the rights of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom and trade relations.

And May also faces potential obstacles from Northern Ireland's Democratic Party, whose 10 Westminster lawmakers are propping up her minority government and who will oppose any special treatment for Northern Ireland.

Regulatory alignment could mean both Ireland and Northern Ireland following the same rules governing trade, to ensure that goods can continue to move freely across a "soft" border with no checks.

London has broadly agreed to numerous EU's divorce terms, including paying out something like 50 billion euros.

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London's Labour mayor Sadiq Khan said the deal reportedly being discussed in Brussels would have "huge ramifications for London", which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Meanwhile, Scotland, Wales and London have all come out and said they want some of the special treatment Northern Ireland might be getting, and hardliners in the Conservative party have come down firmly in support of the DUP's position, mainly because "regulatory alignment" in Ireland - in effect, leaving Northern Ireland in something like the single market and customs union - could make it hard if not impossible to strike the bold free-trade deals with the rest of the world that the Brexiters see as one of the main points of Brexit.

According to a agency report, deals were reached this weekend on the United Kingdom "divorce bill" and citizens' rights.

"Theresa May has got to go", said Mr Farage.

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